Premium treatments

Experience an extraordinary combination of sensory stimulations using traditional techniques

“TAP y OLAS” VIP massage


A creation of your own for an exclusive experience. Applied with elements made from the cork of our oaks, this massage evokes the waves of a sea that receives the energy arising from the Earth itself.

Duration 50min | Price per person 95€


Wonderful signature treatment with magnesium salt stone called carnallite, which features a reddish colour due to its high iron content. Great addition of minerals and trace elements.

Duration 50min | Price per person 95€

Fire land


The well-known AYNI (Andean philosophy) massage represents the four elements with moxa. A wonderful peeling together with warm frictions, kneading and stretching that will lead to a great state of relaxation.

Duration 50min | Price per person 95€

Princess Thimetis Ritual

The alchemy of a new pleasure: an exotic treatment that allows an innovative combined massage to be applied, while reactivating meridians with stones and volcanic teaspoons, Nile water and amber elixir.

Duration 50min | Price per person 95€

Tourmaline pindas

Treatment with hyperic essential oil. Let yourself be wrapped by the hands of our therapists, who will immerse you in a world of internal sensations.

Duration 50min | Price per person 95€

Citric Body

A premium body treatment with concentrated vitamin C+C scrub and a surprising soufflé-textured mask with moisturising and firming properties.

Duration 50min | Price per person 95€

Other treatments

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