Seven routes around the magical surroundings of Natura Suites


If you want to see more of the surroundings of Natura Suites and enjoy a walk through the lovely Solius mountains, we have prepared seven routes that are possible on foot or by bike starting from the hotel.

Route 1. Solius Castle-Cova dels Moros (3 km)

Route 2. Els Carcaixells- Can Llaurador Menhir (9 km)

Route 3. Iberian Settlement of La Plana Basarda-Can Llaurador Menhir (5.8 km)

Route 4. Around La Roca Ponça (6.47 km)

Route 5. La Pedralta (6 km)

Route 6. Salenys Gorges (3 km)

Route 7. Romanyà de la Selva- Dolmen of La Cova d'en Daina (8.34 km)

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